At the four Universities in Norway there are many museums and collections that contain information on a wide range of aspects of Norwegian language and culture. The Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo, and the historical museums and the museums of natural history in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, and Tromsø are well-known. However, there are other, less well-known collections that are comprehensive and important. Some of these are: Norsk Folkeminnesamling (the Norwegian Collection of Folklore), Norsk folkemusikksamling (the Norwegian Collection of Folk Music), Myntkabinettet (the Collection of Coins and Medals), Runearkivet (The Runes Archives), and large collections of place names and other aspects of the Norwegian language.

The links in bold will take you to information in English, whereas links in plain text will take you to the archives, which in general are in Norwegian.

About the Archaeology Files
Prehistoric Artifacts, Sites and Monuments in Western Norway
The Main Catalogue of the Artefact Collection (Oldsaksamlingen)
The Archaeology Database (prototype)
About the Electronic Dictionaries
The Bokmål Dictionary (Bokmålsordboka)
The Nynorsk Dictionary (Nynorskordboka)
The Lexical Source Manuscript (Grunnmanuskriptet)
Multitagger (morphological analysis)
About texts
Literary texts - Bokmål
Older collections of words
About the Word Archives
The Norwegian Dictionary (Norsk Ordbok)
The Norwegian Dictionary (Norsk Ordbok) - Additions after 1990
The Dictionary of Dialect Words from the Trøndelag Region (Trønderordboka)
The New Words Database
About The ALLEX Project
Duramaswi RechiShona (Monolingual Shona Dictionary)
Folklore studies
Reminiscence Records
About the Ballads
Norwegian Ballads
Exhibition: The Ballad Jukebox
About the Court Proceedings and Protocols
Court Proceedings and Protocols
Medieval material
About the Diplomatarium Norvegicum
Diplomatarium Norvegicum
About the Collection of Texts
The Collected Works of Henrik Wergeland
Place names
About the Place Name Databases
O. Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names
The Land Register Draft of 1950 (Matrikkelutkastet fra 1950)
The Home Name Register (Bustadnavnregisteret)
The Place Name Archives at the University of Tromsø
Audio recordings at the University of Tromsø
Writings by school children from Nordland and Troms counties (the Indrebø material)
Literature list, the Etymology register in Uppsala, Sweden
Exhibition: "Norwegian Coins through 1000 years"

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