About the Collection of Texts and Web Publishing

Henrik Wergeland - collected works

The texts in this web edition equal those found in the 23 volume edition edited by Herman Jæger, Didrik Arup Seip, Halvdan Koht and Einar Høigård, published by Steenske Forlag, Kristiana/Oslo 1918-40.

Web publishing

As part of the Bokmål project, the texts were scanned and extensively coded in SGML. The web presentation (as html documents) is generated automatically from this coding. This makes the graphical layout of some of the pages look strange. We will continue to enhance the typgraphical quality.

When printing these texts, one should be aware that some printers divide html documents somewhat on random. We have planned to make PDF versions of all the texts. These can be read by the program "ACROBAT READER" (which is published along with web browsers). The PDF format is better suited to maintain typography at print.

We appreciate comments and reports of errors.

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Updated September 21st, 1998 by Andreas Østby