Ballad texts and tunes

In its work with the ballad material, the Documentation Project has aimed to make a scholarly edition of Norwegian ballads in electronic format which faithfully reproduces the original. The original material, housed in several different archives, includes original manuscripts of ballad texts, old notations of the tunes and audio recordings of old and more recent renditions of the ballads. This collection represents 240 types of Norwegian ballads. Approximately 3900 different varieties have been digitized in this project. The material is extensive and varied. Some of the digitized texts are accompanied by notations of the tunes and audio recordings.

In charge of project section: Professor Birgit Hertzberg, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Oslo, and Velle Espeland, Norwegian Ballad Archives.

IT manager: Christian-Emil Ore,

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Updated 15 June, 1998 by Andreas Østby