Prehistoric Artifacts, Sites and Monuments in Western Norway

This registration series was compiled by archaeologist and curator Per Fett, who has provided a comprehensive overview of historical sites, monuments and artifacts in the 78 municipalities belonging to the region served by the Bergen Museum. The overview is organized according to municipalities (as they were in 1976) and further sorted according to farm properties. The whole series is now available.
In charge of project section: Professor Bergljot Solberg, Bergen Museum.
IT manager: Jon Holmen

The Main Catalogue of the Artefact Collection (Oldsaksamlingen)

The main catalogue of acquisitions for Oldsaksamlingen in Oslo describes all the artifacts that have arrived at the museum. All printed annual acquisition records are now available.
In charge of project section: Professor Einar Østmo, Oldsaksamlingen Contact person: Espen Uleberg
IT manager: Jon Holmen

The Archaeology Database

This is a prototype of the various museum databases that are being developed. This database makes it possible to search in the acquisition catalogue of Oldsaksamlingen (see above) and among artifacts and recorded sites and monuments found in the Marum area in the Sandefjord municipality. Maps and data for the Marum area have been made available with permission from the Norwegian Mapping Authority, the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren) and the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU). IT manager: Jon Holmen

Converted archives which are not yet available

The following archives have been converted and are being prepared for presentation on the Internet:
The Bergen Museum Main Inventory Catalogue
The Bergen Museum Topographical Archives
The Tromsų Museum Main Inventory Catalogue
Lists of Photographs, Tromsų Museum
The Main Inventory Catalogue of the Museum of Science and Natural History, NTNU

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