Medieval material

Diplomatarium Norvegicum

Diplomatarium Norvegicum is a series of text sources which give a verbatim and linguistically faithful reading of documents older than 1570. It is now, in 1998, 150 years since the first volume was published; the first of a total of 22 volumes which include approximately 19000 documents. As the foremost example of Norwegian source editions, Diplomatarium Norvegicum is the principal source for anyone working with medieval text material.
A facsimile of a diploma from 1224. The black and white facsimile is of moderately good quality. You can find the digital text by searching in the database.

Responsible for this project section: Assistant Professor Bjørn Eithun, Old Norse Dictionary Unit (Gammalnorsk Ordboksverk), University of Oslo.
IT manager: Christian-Emil Ore.

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