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Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names

The database currently covers the following volumes of O. Rygh's series on Norwegian farm names: 1 through 17. These volumes cover farm names in the following modern counties (fylke) Østfold (Smaalenenes amt), Akershus og Oslo (Akershus amt), Hedmark (Hedemarkens amt), Oppland (Kristians amt), Buskerud (Buskeruds amt), Vestfold (Jarlsberg og Larviks amt), Telemark (Bratsberg amt), (Aust-Agder (Nedenes amt),Vest-Agder (Lister og Mandals amt), Rogaland (Stavanger amt), Hordaland (Søndre Bergenhus amt), Sogn og fjordane (Nordre Bergenhus amt), Møre og Romsdal (Romsdals amt), Sør-Trøndelag (Søndre Trondhjems amt), Nord-Trøndelag (Nordre Trondhjems amt), Nordland (Nordlands amt) and Troms (Tromsø amt). The names in parenthesis are the older county names used in this database.

The references in the text to Diplomatarium Norvegicum (a collection of medieval charters) are active and a click will bring you to this data collection.

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