The facsimile archives

The facsimile archives

Informasjon på norsk

Many of our paper archives have been scanned, and the images have been saved on disk. It is now possible to browse through these digital archives using WWW.

The image archives are currently accessible as a collection of directories and files. If you select a directory, you vil get a list of subdirectories and files. Selecting a file will give you the image.

The images have been scanned in the order of the original archives, and this makes it possible to navigate through the archies.

To view the images, you have to select an image-format for your browser. If you have a standard browser, JPEG will probably be the best choice. We have also a page that specifies what PlugIns you may use to get better quality and speed.

The lexical archives

Norsk Ordbok

The name archives

The placename archive

Updated 14. october 1996 av Lars Jørgen Tvedt