Year 1285 

The Norwegian national coat of arms on coins 

The most interesting of Eirik Magnusson's (1280-1299) many different coin types was issued in 1285. The coin has a large surface area with a design of excellent quality. For the first time ever, the obverse motif is the Norwegian national coat of arms a lion raisig an axe with his front paws. 

At approximately the same time, the national coat of arms began to appear in king's signet. The lion is portrayed rampant, posed in an attack. The axe is associated with St. Olav. In this way, Eirik's coin represents a link between St. Olav's coins and present-day coins where the same national coat of arms is used. 

Above: Eirik Magnusson (1280-1299) penny.  
The earliest known official use of the the Norwegian national coat of arms.

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