Coin type

Coin types are primarily categorised according to the design on the coins, that is motifs and inscriptions. However, different ways of producing coins can also give rise to distinct coin types. You can find more information about coin types by clicking here

Monetary units

The monetary unit is a term referring to the unit in which a coin's value is calculated (krone, skilling, øre, for example). You can find more information on the following monetary units:


995-1513  Penny
ca. 1110-1522  Bracteate
1300- og 1400-tallet Hohlpfennig
1483-1588 Witten
1483-1875  Skilling
1510-1537  Double-penny
1523-1767  Mark
1546-1873  Taler
ca. 1665-1680  Ducat
1875-  Krone and øre