A coin series from Christian III found in Gimsøy. From Gimsøy taler to Gimsøy skilling 


The first Norwegian taler was struck in 1546. Some silver had been found at the Gullnes copperworks in Seljord. This was brought to the monastery at Gimsøy outside Skien where mark pieces, skillings and eight-skilling pieces were coined between 1543 and 1546. A silver taler from 1546 is part of this series. 

After the monastery burned down in 1546, the silver was sent to Copenhagen. Perhaps the silver taler was coined there, but it is nevertheless a Norwegian coin type, with the Norwegian lion on the reverse. Therefore, we consider it to be the first Norwegian taler.


Monetary units: 
Taler, mark, eight-skilling, skilling
Issuing authority: 
Christian III