Håkon's Hall 


 Above: bracteate from Sverre Sigurdsson 

Below: penny from Eirik Magnusson 



It has been suggested that coins were minted in Bergen during the reign of Sverre Sigurdsson (1177-1202). The hypothesis is based on the occurrence of the inscription BERGIP and letter B as a motif on bracteates. 

Several pennies from Eirik Magnusson (1280-1299) bear the inscription CIVITAS BERGENSIS, which can be translated as meaning "the city of Bergen". 

Excavations at the pier in Bergen (Bryggen) have uncovered a rune stick dating from the period 1200-1248. It is inscribed with the message: "Torkell the coin maker sends you pepper". This suggests that Torkell served Håkon Håkonsson (1217-1263) as mint-master. 

Norway's first gold coin was struck in Bergen. King Hans (1483-1513) coined a gold gulden of Lübeck standard with the inscription MONE NOVA AVREA BERGE, "a new gold coin from Bergen". 


Monetary units: 
Bracteate, penny, half-penny, quarter-penny, gold gulden
Issuing authorities: 
Sverre Sigurdsson, Håkon Håkonsson
Magnus Lagabøte (?), Eirik Magnusson
Håkon V Magnusson, Hans