Olav Magnusson (1103-1115)


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Olav Magnusson's coinage 

Above: Bracteate from Olav Magnusson

When Magnus Berrføtt (Bareleg) died in 1103, he left three sons who were made joint kings: Øystein (Eystein I), Sigurd (Sigurd I Magnusson) who was later given the epithet "Jorsalfare" (the Crusader), and Olav (Olaf IV). 

At the time of their father's death Øystein was 14 years old, one year older than Sigurd, while Olav was only three or four. Olav Magnusson is not recognised in the line of Norwegian kings and little is known about him. He did not make his mark politically although coins were struck in his name and he had his own personal troops. 

Olav died in 1115, aged only about 17 years. 

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