Olav IV Håkonsson 1380-87


 Olav IV Håkonsson's 

 Above: A bracteate (hohlpfennig) from 
Olav IV Håkonsson

When Håkon VI Magnusson died in Denmark in 1380, Queen Margrete went to Norway with their ten-year-old son, Olav, in order that he might be acknowledged as king at the Øreting assembly in Trøndelag. Olav had already been elected king in Denmark, succeeding Valdemar Atterdag, as agreed upon in the capitulation after the war between members of the Hanseatic League on one side, and Håkon and Valdemar on the other. 

Queen Margrete formally ruled the two nations while Olav was a minor and, in practice, continued to do so after he came of age in 1385. 

In 1387 Olav died suddenly at the Falsterbro Palace in Skåne, Sweden, only 17 years old. He was the last male descendant of the Swedish-Norwegian royal house. 

Monetary units: 
Bracteate (hohlpfennig)
Mint sites: 
Unidentified, possibly Oslo