Magnus Erikssons mynthistorie

Magnus Eriksson's coinage

Mint site:
Unknown, Bergen(?), Nidaros(?), Oslo(?), Tunsberg(?)
Monetary units:
Penny, half-penny, bracteate
Edge inscription:

After the death of Håkon V Magnusson, Norway came to have a joint king with Sweden, the son of Magnus Eriksson's daughter. King Magnus coined anonymous pennies and bracteates in both countries. Finds and research have dated and placed double-sided coins as well as bracteates. The latter were given a characteristic shape with a distinct, raised edge around a sunken centre. Such bracteates are referred to as hohlpfennigs. There is some evidence suggesting that there may have been a monetary union between Norway and Sweden during the early years of Magnus Eriksson's reign (1319-1355, in Sweden until 1364).