Håkon Håkonssons mynthistorie

Håkon Håkonsson's coinage

Mint site:
Unknown, Bergen (?), Gimsøy (?), Hamar (?), Konghelle (?),
Marstrand (?), Nidaros (?), Oslo (?) and Tunsberg (?)
Torkjel (?)
Monetary units:
Edge inscription:

In the early days of Håkon Håkonsson's reign, while the king was still under age and ruled together with Earl Skule, the bracteate had a silver content of about 50 percent. They were struck for the king and the earl together, REX ET COMES (king and duke), as indicated by the obverse edge inscription surrounding the long-tressed head of a youth.

By the time Håkon Håkonsson became sole king, the silver content of his coins had fallen to 30%. He continued minting octagonal bracteates through his entire reign. A few of them bear the inscription REX HACV (King Håkon), but most have no inscription, only motifs such as a crowned head, a crown, a fort, an animal, or a single alphabet letter (A, B, E, G, H, K, M, N, T).