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Harald V was born on 21 February 1937 at Skaugum in Asker, not far from Oslo. He became king of Norway after the death of his father, Olav V. He adopted the same motto as his father and grandfather before him, pledging to give his "All for Norway". King Harald married Queen Sonja (née Haraldsen), with whom he has two children, Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus. 

During the German occupation Harald was in the U.S.A. with his mother, then Crown Princess Märtha, and his sisters. In 1945 he was enrolled at a local school in Oslo (Smestad elementary school). Later he attended a private secondary school in Oslo, Oslo katedralskole. In 1955 he completed university entrance exams with a focus on physical sciences. King Harald was trained at the cavalry's military academy for non-commissioned officers at Trandum, and at the Military Academy for commissioned officers (Krigsskolen). Appointed lieutenant and second-in-command at the cavalry's training school for recruits in 1960, in 1970 he was made a colonel and a commodore. In 1977 he was made general in the Air Force. From 1960 to 1962 he studied at Oxford. 

King Harald is a keen sailor; he has competed several times in the Olympic Games, winning the World Championship in 1987. He has held several elected positions in athletic organisations, including the chairmanship of the Norwegian Yachting Association (Norges Seilforbund), the central committee for the Skiing World Championship in Nordic disciplines in 1966 and 1982, and for the World Championship in biathlon in 1986. 

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Twenty-krone, ten-krone, five-krone, krone, 50-øre, ten-øre
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