Archbishop Gaute Ivarsson (1474-1510)


 The history of 
Gaute Ivarsson's coinage  


 Above: Hohlpfennig 
from Gaute Ivarsson 

Gaute Ivarsson succeeded his paternal uncle, Olav Trondsson, as archbishop in Nidaros (Trondheim) in 1475. 

After the death of Christian I in 1481, the Norwegian National Council approached Sweden in an effort to win support for Norwegian independence. Gaute Ivarsson participated in the meetings of the National Council, giving his ardent support for Norwegian independence. In 1483, however, the Norwegians agreed to elect Hans, the son of Christian I, as king. King Hans was required to sign a coronation charter that would ensure Norwegians full equality with the Danes. Gaute Ivarsson crowned King Hans in the Nidaros Cathedral in 1483, but refused to crown his son, Christian II, who had been sent to Norway as governor, as long as his father Hans was alive. This resulted in bitter enmity between Christian II and Gaute Ivarsson. 

Gaute Ivarsson was the longest reigning archbishop in Nidaros, ruling for 35 years. During this time he travelled extensively in Trøndelag county, often acting as judge in secular matters as well as church affairs. He took a strong interest in the on-going work of building Nidaros Cathedral. 

Gaute Ivarsson died in 1510.  

Monetary units: 
Witten, hohlpfennig
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