Eirik Magnussons mynthistorie

Eirik Magnusson's coinage

Mint site:
Bergen and Tunsberg
Monetary units:
Penny, half-penny, quarter-penny
Edge inscription:

Eirik Magnusson's early pennies carry the inscriptions CIVITAS BERGENSIS, "The city of Bergen", and CASTRUM TUNSBERGIS, "The Castle in Tunsberg", indicating the location of the mint workshops.

These early pennies are of the sterling type and are faithful copies - in image and inscription - of the English penny (sterling), such as it was following the coin reform of 1279.

e next coin issued by Eirik Magnusson, from about 1285, is the first on which the Norwegian national coat of arms is displayed in its familiar form: a rampant lion holding an axe.