Erkebiskop Erik Valkendorfs mynthistorie

Archbishop Erik Valkendorf's coinage

Mint site:
Jacob Schult
Monetary units:
Skilling, witten and hohlpfennig
Edge inscription:

The last three archbishops in Norway all gave St. Olav a prominent position on their coins. The saint's name and title, SANCTUS OLAVS REX NORVEGIAE, are found in the edge inscription on the obverse of witten issued by Archbishop Gaute Ivarsson (1474-1510) and on skillings issued by his two successors, archbishops Erik Valkendorf (1510-1522) and Olav Engelbrektsson (1523-1537).

St. Olav is also portrayed on skillings issued by Erik Valkendorf and on the rare markpieces from Olav Engelbrektsson. Archaeological excavations in the archbishop's manor in Trondheim have uncovered the archbishop's coin workshop.

The Reformation in 1537 put an end to the issuing of coins by clergy.

With his skillings dated 1518 and 1519, Archbishop Erik Valkendorf was the first to include the year of minting on Norwegian coins.