The find at Runde: The Akerendam

On 19 January 1725, the Akerendam set out from the island of Texel in the Netherlands accompanied by two sister ships. Their cargo consisted of 19 chests of gold and silver coins and their destination was Batavia (Djakarta). During a storm in the North Sea, the Akerendam was separated from its escorts and foundered at the northernmost point of the island Runde. 

The Akerendam was owned by the Dutch company Vereinigte Oostindische Compagnie, which was heavily involved in trade with the Far East. 
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  The company's ships regularly carried gold and silver money to Batvia with many of the coins being freshly struck and produced specifically for trade in the Far East. 

The ships would return from the East with spices and other prized products that were sold throughout Europe. 

The Akerendam, which was built in 1724, was 145 feet (44 meters) and had a crew of 200.