Hon in Haug, Eiker, in Buskerud

Scandinavia's largest Viking gold hoard was found in 1834. In addition to necklaces (the heaviest weighing more than 1.1 kg), brooches and other jewellery, the hoard also included 20 coins, 15 of them gold. The gold hoard was found during bog-digging. Despite the significantly greater quantities of Viking artefacts found in Denmark and Sweden, this Norwegian hoard is the richest gold find in the Nordic countries.

In 1836, the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) decided to redeem the Hon hoard for 2030 species talers and donated it to the University free of charge. Dating: after 852

Above: gold jewellery from the Hon find. 
Here is a  complete overview of the find. 
Above: coins with loops from the Hon find.