Årstad in Egersund, Rogaland 

The Årstad hoard includes, in particular, many coins bearing the name of Canute the Great (Knut den store), king of both Denmark and England. The finding of these Canute coins has been interpreted in the light of what Snorre relates from King Canute's tour of Norway in 1028. We are told that in the final battle against Olav Haraldsson, Canute made use of money and coins to raise support among the Norwegian chieftains. During this tour the royal fleet anchored for a while at Eikasund (Egersund).

One day in February 1836, a total of 1849 silver coins was found under a large rock at the farm Årstad close to Egersund, making it the largest Viking coin hoard we know of from Norway. The most recent coin in the find indicates that the hoard was deposited around the year 1030. The find at Årstad included 1014 Anglo-Saxon pennies and approximately 690 German pennies.