The University of OsloCoin Cabinet

Number of items in the CoinCabinet: 


In1817, on behalf of the University of Oslo, Professor Georg Sverdrup purchased6300 antique Greek and Roman coins from the Royal Danish Coin Cabinet'scollection of duplicates. The price paid was 1500 species talers. Despitebeing on the verge of bankruptcy, the Norwegian government committed itselfto donating up to 2000 species talers for this purchase. 

In the autumn of 1835 Norway's first coin exhibition wasready for viewing. Each Monday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., the public couldsee a selection of the 14 000 coins and medals owned by the museum. 
The Coin Cabinet has been housed in the following threebuildings in Oslo: 

 - Mariboegården, a large, three-storied house inthe centre of Oslo. 

 - Domus Academica, the University Centre, Karl Johans gate,from 1852 to 1903. 

 - The Historical Museum, Tullinløkka, from 1903to the present. 


To the left: an exhibition in the CoinCabinet in 1923