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  1. Who minted Norway's first coin?

  2. Harald Hårfagre Olav Trygvasson St. Olav
  3. Which animal is depicted on the large five-øre coin of 1958-1973?

  4. Wood grouse Eagle Moose
  5. In which year was a rare two-øre minted in Norway?

  6. 1885 1928 1968
  7. The emergency issue during WWII was minted in which metals?

  8. Iron/zinc Tin/iron Copper/zinc
  9. What was the most common type of motif on coins in the Middle Ages?

  10. Royal portraits A cross Animals
  11. When was the Norwegian state lion first presented on coins?

  12. ca 1130 ca 1285 ca 1380
  13. What is the largest coin ever minted in Norway? 

  14. Five-krone Four-mark Four-species taler
  15. What is Norway's most valuable coin?

  16. The St. Olav penny The triple species taler 1666 The gold 20-krone 1883
  17. How many denominations (coins) were in common use in 1971?

  18. 11
  19. Who minted this coin (see picture)?

  20. Sverre Sigurdsson
    Eirik Magnusson
    Christian IV