(Norwegian version)

Henrik Ibsens hand

A description of Henrik Ibsen's original manuscripts and letters, together with facsimiles of most of this material.


These pages are a result of the Manuscripts Project, run by the Centre for Ibsen Studies from January 1998 to June 2000. The project was sponsored by the Norwegian Cultural Fund, Institusjonen Fritt Ord, Nasjonalkomiteen for Ibsen-satsingen and Kong Olav V's Fond.

The report of the Manuscript Project was published in Norwegian in 2000 and is availible here.

The material

Digital facsimiles exist of approx. 19,600 pages. The material can be accessed from the Norwegian pages.

The pages are made public by the Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo in cooperation with The Documentation Project. Contact person: √ėyvind Eide. Updated: 2000-05-18.