Museum catalogue


 C.37267. Axe of iron from Late Medieval time. L: 141mm, edge W:109mm. Carpenter's axe with specially shaped blade to accommodate the fingers when it is held just "behind" the edge. Particularly necessary for fine work, when used at an angle to the edge, or as a gouge. Found on the hill, about 300m above ÅROS KAPELL, SJØGLØTT, ÅROS, RØYKEN, BUSKERUD, in 1959 by Berge Narvik, Tjernsrudveien 24, Jar, Oslo.

 C.37269. Spearpoint of iron from Medieval time. L: 21.6cm, largest W:49mm, spear socket D: 33mm. W:ca.500gr. The spear has straight edges and angular shoulders. Cone shaped socket, R.526. Found in ploughed field, 100m SE of present farm house (1934-35) at BRÅTEN under JERDAL, KVINESDAL, VEST-AGDER. Gift from the owner of the farm Asbjørn Espeland. Acquired during surveying