The 1600s 

In 1623 silver was found in the area that was to become Kongsberg. Already in 1628 a mint was established in Christiania (Oslo) where coins were produced in all denominations, from four-species talers to one-skilling pieces.
To the left: Species talers from Christian IV, minted in Christiania.

The mint's accounts show that more than 550 000 one-skilling and two-skilling pieces were struck in Christiania in 1648.

Frederik III (1648-1670) and Christian V (1670-1699) also had gold ducats minted in Christiania. We do not know for certain whether Norwegian gold was used in these coins. However, Norwegian gold was used for minting a small number of coins in Copenhagen in 1647. The gold ore came from Barbu near Arendal in southern Norway.

In 1686 the coin minting was moved from Christiania to Kongsberg. Since then, coin produksjon at the Royal Norwegian Mint at Kongsberg has continued practically without interruption.