Year 1222 

The archbishop is given issuing authority 

"We have granted Archbishop Guttorm the right to employ a hammerer of silver, skilled in the craft, and a servant boy with him   to strike silver for the needs of the Diocese of St. Olav in accordance with the king's specifications with regard to fineness and weight." 

King Håkon Håkonsson granted the archbishop issuing authority in 1222, and obliged him to comply with royal directives with regard to the standard of the silver coins. King Eirik Magnusson revoked the archbishop's issuing authority in 1281 and it was not restored until 1458. 

There are no known coins from Archbishop Guttorm in the years following 1222. The next coins are found from Jon Raude's (1268-1282) archiepiscopate. These are bracteates showing a head in front view wearing the mitre the bishop's liturgical headdress. 

Above: Bracteate from Jon Raude. 

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