Borgund Church, Lærdal parish in Sogn & Fjordane 

Historical records from 1870 refer to the discovery of three old Norwegian silver coins, 20 old Norwegian bracteates and 10 more recent Danish-Norwegian silver coins under the church. When the Director General of Historic Monuments arranged for an expert examination of the church building in 1964 and 1965 ? nearly one hundred years later ? archaeologists found 686 more coins under the church floor.

Coins have been found under the floors of Medieval churches throughout Norway. Scholars debate how the coins happened to end up there; were they intentionally offered or were they simply lost? It seems reasonable to suppose both cases, that some coins were offered while others may have been accidentally lost. 


Above: coins found in Borgund Stave Church 

Here is a complete overview of the find. 
Below: bracteates from  Håkon Håkonsson